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Jay‘s extraordinary gift is captivating. I love this album and the message it bears. I‘ve played it again and again. WOW. What a VOICE!!!

Very moving, this is music that has huge meaning to the listener as well as the artist. This is music that takes you somewhere, the place that all of us come from. This is the real deal.

Why I Recorded “The Way He Came”

Mon, Feb 18, 2008


I have loved the song “The Way He Came” since the 1980s, when I first heard it performed live at a church in Gainesville, Georgia. It has such a wonderful message about how the Lord and Savior of the world chose to come to this earth not in celebration of His own power and glory, but as a humble little child in the most unassuming of circumstances. It speaks volumes that, although so much had been written and preached to that time (and now) about the coming of the Messiah, only a handful of people recognized Him at His coming as the promised Messiah. I worry that we are getting so caught up in what we think the Christ is like, or who we think He is based upon what has been written and debated about him, that we might similarly fail to recognize Him when He comes again.

Since first hearing the song, I became a big fan of “Truth,” the group that originally recorded the song. I sang the song once for a family Christmas reunion in the late 1980s, and my dear Grandmother fell in love with the song. Her last request was that I sing this song at her funeral, which was fitting, for she was prepared to meet Him and to recognize Him as her Redeemer and Savior. This song was recorded in memory of her. I love and miss you, Grandma, but I know you are with Him! Until we meet again . . .

(It’s a Fluke Music BMI)
Lyrics and Music by Mark Harris
Lead Vocals ­– Jay Young
Background Vocals – Jay Young, Julie Young, John Fluker,
Buffie Lucas, and Rashida Jordan
Isaiah 53:3-9

This song is dedicated with love to the memory of Vida Barnhart

Isn’t It Amazing?
Just To Think Such Royalty
Would Come The Way He Came
In A Dusty Little Town
Born In Such Humility Upon A Bed Of Hay
Certainly He Laid His Glory Down

Who Would Think This Little Child
Would Be The Promised One?
Would The Messiah Really Come This Way?
And Certainly This Was No Birthplace
For The Son Of God
Isn’t It Amazing How He Came?


Isn’t It Amazing The Way He Came?
No Crown, No Throne No Big Parade
There Were No Fanfares Played, No Jubilant Display
Isn’t It Amazing How He Came?
Isn’t It Amazing?

I Can’t Believe That I Would Be The Reason Why He Came
I Can’t Believe He Left His Mighty Throne
He Became A Pauper So That I Could Be A King
He Denied Himself And Then He Made My Heart His Home

CHORUS (twice)

© 1989 Paragon Music Corp./TRC Music

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  1. John Hallman Says:

    I have always love the song The Way He Came and use to have a accompaniment by Truth, is there a version available to purchase?

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