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Jay‘s extraordinary gift is captivating. I love this album and the message it bears. I‘ve played it again and again. WOW. What a VOICE!!!

Very moving, this is music that has huge meaning to the listener as well as the artist. This is music that takes you somewhere, the place that all of us come from. This is the real deal.


Mon, Nov 10, 2008


Here’s what people are saying about Jay’s debut album, One More Stone. Add your review by contacting Jay at or leaving your reply in the comments section below.

“WHOO HOO!!!! I just love Jay’s calming voice with such upbeat songs! This CD if FUN and I JUST LOVE IT!!”
—Jen Morris

“Best heart-warming song that a person could start or end your day with. Sung with spirit and delivered with talent.”

“I have this CD and love it. I can listen to it over and over and over again. It is very relaxing and brings a great spirit into my home. Jay has an amazing voice. If you buy a CD, this is the one!”
—Duwayne Layton

“What a Talent! My favorite song is The Way He Came. It moves me every time I hear it! Jay delivers it with such feeling and strength. One More Stone was written by Jay and his talents are never ending. Thank you for the incredible gift that you share with others. I have bought and given this CD to several friends and they all rave about it!”

“Something Special for Everyone! Jay Young is an incredible voice and incredible talent. I have been waiting for this to come out for some time, as I was aware of this talent. This CD truly has something that will touch the heart of everyone. I am particularly fond of the title cut, One More Stone, as well as The Way He Came, and Have You Any Room for Jesus. The Duet with Amy Harmon is also incredible. My favorites change with every listen. Truly a masterful collection. Thank you Jay for sharing your vision and talent with the world. Do not miss this CD!!”

“Wow, Wow, WOW!  What a gem to find this artist! He is versatile, showing some great soul in his up-tempo stuff, and great feeling and controlled power in the piano/vocal stuff. The Way He Came just cut to the center of my heart. MMMMMMmmmmm! It relaxes from the opening notes and speaks the TRUTH of Jesus’ CHOICE to come as a little baby, confounding all but those few who listened to the spirit. What a powerful song, beautifully rendered. One More Stone has such a driving rhythm and a great message. It is stuck in my head. I keep humming it and find myself involuntarily singing it out loud while driving in my car, even when I am not playing the CD! I have listened to this CD non-stop for weeks now. Great job!!!”

“I didn’t know what to expect when I purchased this CD — I’m not a big Christian music fan, too sappy — but this album, mostly because of the amazing vocals, really resonated with me. Jay Young has a voice that strums the heart strings — somewhat like Andrea Bocelli or Josh Groban — but with a little more edge. I like it more every time I listen to it. Love Said Not So and Any Room for Jesus are my favorites, although Goin’ Home is way up there — I don’t see how someone won’t like this CD.”

“Very moving, this is music that has huge meaning to the listener as well as the artist. This is music that takes you somewhere, the place that all of us come from. This is the real deal.”

“Jay’s extraordinary gift is captivating. I love this album and the message it bears. I’ve play it again and again. WOW. What a VOICE!!!”
—Deb McMurrin

“WORTH OWNING!! I may be considered biased in my opinions but I do love this CD! My favorite songs on the album are Going Home, More Holiness Give Me and THE WAY HE CAME. Why? I feel a great comfort when I hear these. More holiness is a very nice duet with Amy Harmon, also a newly released CD baby artist, and I LOVE IT. Powerful vocals, beautiful message and harmonies make this song so powerful. If you play music and FEEL something, then it is worth sharing and owning. It becomes timeless and Jay’s beautiful singing to some very wonderful arrangements make this a sheer delight. I recommend playing it at least three times to really absorb the full effect of each track!”

“One More Stone is AMAZING! Whoever wrote the first sentence of Jay’s bio is right on. One moment you can hear the tenderness speaking from his spirit and the next the power coming from his heart for his love of the Lord. It is difficult to choose a favorite, they are all wonderful; each telling a story that Jay paints so beautifully that touches your soul. I told my husband that Goin’ Home speaks directly to my heart because I have lost so many loved ones. EVERYONE WHO LOVES THE LORD SHOULD HAVE THIS ALBUM! Jay Young just took first place over my two other favorite male singers, Josh Groban and Johnny Mathis.”

“Great songs — very uplifting! The songs on this CD speak straight to the soul. It’s powerful and moving music. Jay Young has a great voice. Highly recommended!”

“This is a fantastic album. I can listen to Jay’s voice all day long. He has a great voice and makes the songs come to life. This album is a must have. I love to listen to this album when I need to unwind and invite a calm spirit into my home. It is inspirational!”

“Love this CD! This CD is awesome! The CD is very inspirational, and Jay has such a unique and great voice. One of my favorite songs is “Goin’ Home.” Jay sang that song at my dad’s funeral and every time I hear it, it makes me think of him.”

“Inspiring and Beautiful! What an amazing voice Jay has. I have heard him sing with Gladys Knight and already loved him. His voice touches the soul. As my friends have listened to him they have been touched and have commented that it helps them to get through their tough times. He believes what he sings. You can hear that in him. You have to buy this one!”

“What a great voice! Jay brings powerful emotion to classic hymns. He has an unmistakable soulful vibe, no doubt gained by the time he spent in the south. This is a wonderful compilation of songs that can be shared with family and friends of any age.”

“I highly recommend this album to anyone. The vocals are very powerful and the messages are clear and relevant to our times. More people need to be exposed to this new and exciting artist. Great job, Jay!”

“Jay’s clear, strong vocals are pleasing to the ear and to the heart. His message is sure. This is a great gospel CD for those who love to rejoice!”

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3 Comments For This Post

  1. Joe Webster Says:

    I’ve listened to Jay Young’s uplifting collection and never tire of it. His range and unique expression delivers a personal connection for whatever variety of moods and emotions the listener may be experiencing at the moment.

    Joe Webster, Las Vegas Nevada

  2. Rob Says:

    If you like your music to both transport you and hit you in the gut emotionally, then Jay’s cd is for you. To quote Motown’s owner, Berry Gordy, ”If it’s between you going out to lunch one day this week and buying the CD, which would I tell you do? Hands down: Bring leftovers or make a sandwich and get the CD!” No truer words were spoken.

  3. Thomas Says:

    Jay, you have a way of capturing me and drawing me into your music. I cannot stop listening. Thank you for your ministry!

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