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Jay‘s extraordinary gift is captivating. I love this album and the message it bears. I‘ve played it again and again. WOW. What a VOICE!!!

Very moving, this is music that has huge meaning to the listener as well as the artist. This is music that takes you somewhere, the place that all of us come from. This is the real deal.


Tue, Jan 1, 2008


I Can Be Glad
Love Said Not So
One More Stone
(Have You Any) Room for Jesus?
More Holiness Give Me
I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go
Stories of Jesus
Leaning on the Everlasting Arms
The Way He Came
Goin’ Home

Track 1 | 3:39
Psalm 9:2


I Can Be Glad For My Hope Is In The Lord
‘Cause He Gives Me Confidence
That This World Doesn’t Know
He’s The Lord Of All Creation
And Whatever The Situation
I’m Glad For My Hope’s In The Lord

Oh, Sing And Praise Him


Oh, Right From The Beginning
God Made Me For His Own
He Replaced My Weak Foundation
And Made Himself A Cornerstone
When All Was Ready And In Order
He Promised Every Day And Hour
He’d Be Faithful To Sustain Me
By His Mighty Power


I’m Glad, So Glad About It
I’m So Glad
Glad My Hope’s In Lord
Yeah, It’s Alright

Well, If I Land In Prison
For Calling On God’s Name
He Would Cause The Walls To Crumble
As An Answer To My Prayer

If In The Cause Of Christ I’m Chosen
To Suffer Death I’ll Take My Stand
I Will Taste Of Heaven’s Glory
Lead By God’s Own Hand

Every Mountain, Every Fortress
Every Word That Is Not His Will Pass Away (Pass Away)


I’m Glad (I’m Glad)
So So Glad (So Glad)
I’m So Glad (I’m Glad)
Glad My Hope’s In The Lord

Oh, Sing It, Sing It, Sing It
And Praise Him
I’m So Glad (I’m Glad)
So Glad (So Glad)
My Hope (My Hope)
Is In The Lord (Is In The Lord)
My Hope Is Built (My Hope Is Built)
On Nothing Less (On Nothing Less)
Than Jesus’ Blood (Than Jesus’ Blood)
And Righteousness (And Righteousness)

I’m Glad (I’m Glad)
So Glad (So Glad)
I’m Glad (I’m Glad)
My Hope
Glad My Hope’s In The Lord

Lyrics and Music by Larnelle Harris
© 1990 Bridge Building Music Inc./First Row Music (BMI)

Track 2 | 3:46
Matt. 11:28-30

Life Was Bitter To The Core
There Was Nothing To Live For
Until Love Came
And Even Second Times Around
Happiness Could Not Be Found
Until Love Came


I Was Left All Alone (My Heart Was Breaking)
The Fault Was My Own (Soul Was Aching)
Tears Covered Me (Weeping Through The Whole Night)
And I Need Some Relief (Joy Comes In The Morning)
I’ve Been Searching For (Many Years Now)
The Keys To Life’s Door (Need To Know How)
Brought To My Knees (Savior Can You Help Me)
And Was Led To Believe (I Know I Need Your Peace)

His Love Showed Me, Love Said Not So
Even With The Odds Against Me
Love Showed Me, Love Said Not So

Without A Reason Or Cause
Peace And Joy Placed On Pause
Until Love Came
And Having No Hope At All
And Not A Loved One To Call
Until Love Came


Keep On Holding On
Love Showed Me Love Said No
Love Told Me Don’t Let Go
Love Showed Me Love Said Not So

My Heart Was Breaking
And My Soul Was Aching
But Love, Love Said Not So

Ooh Love Said Give Me Your Burden
I Will Give You Rest
Now Love, Love Said That’s So

Love Heals A Broken Heart And
Love Heard My Soul A Cryin’
Love Said Not So

Sing It Again
Love Showed Me Love Said No
Love Told Me Don’t Let Go
Love Showed Me, Love Said Not So

Lyrics and Music by Benjamin Winans and Percy Bady
Additional lyrics by Jay Young
© 1987 Bad Bady Music/Sparrow Song

One More Stone
Track 3 | 4:26
Luke 19:35-40

I’m A Stone For Him!
The Pharisees Tried to Silence Them
The Disciples Of The Lord
For They Praised God With Voices Loud
As A Witness To The World

But Christ Stood Firm Against Them All
And Said They’re Not Alone
For If These Ones Should Ever Hold Their Peace
Their Cries Would Come From Stones


Just One More Stone Crying Out
He Is God, Savior, Lord
Just One More Stone Who Can’t Be
Silenced Any More

Just One More Stone Standing Up
To The World I Will Sing
I Am Stone Praising Him
My Savior He’s My King

Just One More One More Stone
I’m One More One More Stone
Just One More One More Stone

The World Today Tries To Silence Us
The Disciples Of The Lamb
And Keep Us All From Raising Voices
For The Son Of Man

Now I’ll Stand Firm Against The World
And Raise My Voice For Christ
For I Am But One Stone Crying Out
For Him Who Dwells On High


Just One More One More Stone
I’m One More One More Stone
Just One More One More Stone


Can’t Be Silenced, Can’t Hold My Peace
‘Cause He’s My Lord, My King, My Everything
One More Stone

We’re One, We’re Two, We’re Here To Say
We Love You Lord, We’ll Praise You Always, One More
Hey! Said One More, One More, One More
One More Stone

Lyrics by Jay Young Music by John Fluker
© 2007 Jay Young and John Fluker

Track 4 | 3:57
Rev. 3:20

Have You Any Room For Jesus
He Who Bore Your Load Of Sin?
As He Knocks And Asks Admission
Oh, Sinners, Will We Let Him In?

Room For Business, Room For Pleasure
Oh, But For Christ The Crucified
Not A Place That He Can Enter
In The Heart For Which He Died


Room For Jesus, King Of Glory
Hasten Now, His Word Obey
Swing The Heart’s Door Widely Open
Bid Him Enter While You May

Oh, Have You Any Room For Jesus
As In Grace He Calls Again
Oh, Today Is Time Accepted
You Will Never Call In Vain

Room And Time Now Give To Jesus
Soon Will Pass God’s Day Of Grace
Soon Your Heart Left Cold And Silent
And The Savior’s Pleading Cease


Lyrics by unknown author, Music by C. C. Williams
Public Domain

Track 5 | 3:53
Hebrews 12:14

More Holiness Give Me, More Strivings Within
More Patience In Suff’ring, More Sorrow For Sin
More Faith In My Savior, More Sense Of His Peace
More Joy In His Service, More Savior Like Thee


More Savior Like Thee
More Strength To Overcome
More Freedom From Weakness
More Longing For Home
More Fit For His Presence
More Used Would I Be
More Blessed And Holy
More Savior Like Thee

More Gratitude Give Me, More Trust In The Lord
More Pride In His Glory, More Hope In His Word
More Tears For His Sorrows, More Pain At His Grief
More Meekness Is Trial, More Savior Like Thee


More Faithful (More Holiness Give Me, More Holy I Want To Be)
More Grateful
More Patient (More Holiness Give Me, More Holy I Want To Be)
More Savior

More Humble, More Hopeful
More Blessed, More Holy
Like Thee, My Savior
More Blessed And Holy
More Savior Like Thee

Lyrics and Music by Philip Paul Bliss
Additional Lyrics by: Amy Harmon and John Fluker
Public Domain

Track 6 | 4:03
1 Ne. 3:7

There’s Surely Somewhere A Lowly Place In Earth’s Harvest Field So Wide
Where I May Labor Through Life’s Short Day For Jesus, The Crucified
So, Trusting My All To Thy Tender Care, And Knowing Thou Lovest Me
I’ll Do Thy Will With A Heart Sincere
I’ll Be What You Want Me To Be


I’ll Go Where You Want Me To Go, Dear Lord
Over Mountain, Or Plain, Or Sea
I’ll Say What You Want Me To Say, Dear Lord
I’ll Be What You Want Me To Be

It May Not Be On The Mountain Height, Or Over The Stormy Sea
It May Not Be At The Battle’s Front My Lord Will Have Need Of Me
But If By A Still, Small Voice He Calls To Paths I Do Not Know
I’ll Answer, Dear Lord, With My Hand In Thine
I’ll Go Where You Want Me To Go


Lyrics by Mary Brown, Music by Carrie E. Rounsefell
Public Domain

Track 7 | 3:36
Matt. 19:14

Tell Me The Stories Of Jesus I Love To Hear
Things I Would Ask Him To Tell Me If He Were Here
Scenes By The Wayside, Tales Of The Sea
Stories Of Jesus, Tell Them To Me

Jesus Once Was A Little Child
A Little Child Like Me
And He Was Pure And Meek And Mild
As A Little Child Should Be

So, Little Children, Let’s You And I
Try To Be Like Him, Try, Try, Try

Oh, Let Me Hear How The Children Stood Round His Knee
I Shall Imagine His Blessings Resting On Me
Words Full Of Kindness, Deeds Full Of Grace
All In The Lovelight Of Jesus’ Face

Tell Me The Stories Of Jesus, Tell Them To Me
Try To Be Like Him, Try, Try, Try

Jesus Once Was a Little Child – Lyrics by James R. Murray, Music by Joseph Ballantyne
Tell me the Stories of Jesus – Lyrics by W. H. Parker, Music by F. A. Challinor
Public Domain

Track 8 | 2:31
Deut. 33:27

What A Fellowship, What A Joy Divine
Leaning On The Everlasting Arms
What A Blessedness, What A Peace Is Mine
Leaning On The Everlasting Arms


Leaning Leaning
Safe And Secure From All Alarms
Leaning Leaning
Leaning On The Everlasting Arms



What Have I To Dread, What Have I To Fear
Leaning On The Everlasting Arms
I Have Blessed Peace With My Lord So Near
Leaning On The Everlasting Arms


Lyrics by Anthony J. Showalter, Music by Elisha A. Hoffman
Public Domain

Track 9 | 5:06
Isaiah 53:3-9

This song is dedicated with love to the memory of
Vida Barnhart

Isn’t It Amazing?
Just To Think Such Royalty
Would Come The Way He Came
In A Dusty Little Town
Born In Such Humility Upon A Bed Of Hay
Certainly He Laid His Glory Down

Who Would Think This Little Child
Would Be The Promised One?
Would The Messiah Really Come This Way?
And Certainly This Was No Birthplace
For The Son Of God
Isn’t It Amazing How He Came?


Isn’t It Amazing The Way He Came?
No Crown, No Throne No Big Parade
There Were No Fanfares Played, No Jubilant Display
Isn’t It Amazing How He Came?

Isn’t It Amazing?

I Can’t Believe That I Would Be The Reason Why He Came
I Can’t Believe He Left His Mighty Throne
He Became A Pauper So That I Could Be A King
He Denied Himself And Then He Made My Heart His Home

CHORUS (twice)

Lyrics and Music by Mark Harris
© 1989 Paragon Music Corp./TRC Music

Track 10 | 3:54
1 John 2:25

Where Am I Goin’, Where Will I Roam?
Don’t Worry Darlin’, ‘Cause I’m A Goin’ Home

Loved Ones Are Waitin’, Loved Ones Are Here
Don’t Worry Darlin’, I’ll Always Be Near


I’m Goin’ home, I’m Goin’ home
And I know that, Someone’s Waitin’ There For Me
I’m Goin’ Home, But Not Alone
And We’ll Meet There By And By, Wait And See

I’m Growin’ Weary, Yet I’m Not Alone
Jesus Will Guide Me, And Take Me Safely Home


Though I Will Miss You, I’ll Not Be Far
My Spirit’s With You, Each Day Where Ere You Are


Lyrics and Music by Susan Jeffrey
© 1993 Susan Jeffrey

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